U.S. Armed Forces Far East

This was MacArthur's command for the Philippines, activated shortly before war broke out in the Pacific, when MacArthur was recalled to the colors as a lieutenant general.

The bulk of the force was ten Philippine divisions, each nominally with a strength of 8600 men, but few were at full strength and none were properly trained or equipped.  The term of enlistment for the conscripted troops was only 5-1/2 months. However, the force was stiffened somewhat by the Philippine Division, a regular Army division that was about one-third Americans and two-thirds Philippine Scouts and was reasonably well-trained.

Administrative order of battle, 7 December 1941:

USAFFE (MacArthur; at Manila)

North Luzon Force (Wainright; at Fort Stotsenburg)

  11 Division (Brougher; SE coast of Lingayen Gulf)       One battalion at Tuguegarao and a company at Aparri

21 Division (Capinin; south coast of Lingayen Gulf)

31 Division (Bluemel; west coast of Luzon)

71 Division (Selleck; north Luzon Plain)

26 Cavalry Regiment (at Pozorrubio: 120.545E 16.111N)      
842 men of the Philippine Scouts

1 Battalion, 45 Infantry Regiment (at Mariveles) From Philippine Division

South Luzon Force (Parker; at Fort McKinley)

41 Division (Lim; at Balayan Bay: 120.787E 13.798N) Large than most Philippine divisions (8000 men) and relatively well-trained.

51 Division (Jones; at south-central Luzon) Performed badly during the Bataan campaign

Visayan-Mindanao Force (Sharp; at Cebu City)

61 Division (Chynoweth; at Iloilo)

81 Division (Fort)

101 Division (at Davao) Did not fight well around Davao

Reserve Force (Moore; at Fort Stotsenburg)

43 Regiment 328 Philippine Scouts

Philippine Division (Lough; at Fort McKinley) Regular U.S. Army division (10,223 men) consisting of Americans and Philippine Scouts.  One battalion was in Bataan under Northern Luzon Force.

91 Division (Stevens; central Luzon Plain)

First Provisional Tank Force (at Fort Stotsenburg)

192 Tank Battalion 588 men, 54 Stuart M-3 tanks

194 Tank Battalion 410 men, 54 Stuart M-3 tanks

Far East Air Force (Brereton; at Manila)

Philippines Army Air Corps (at Batangas)

12 P-26 Peashooter

5 Bomber Command (at Clark Field)

19 Heavy Bomber Group
        14 Heavy Bomber Squadron (at Del Monte)      

8 B-17 Flying Fortress

93 Heavy Bomber Squadron (at Del Monte)

8 B-17 Flying Fortress

28 Heavy Bomber Squadron

9 B-17 Flying Fortress

13 Heavy Bomber Squadron

10 B-17 Flying Fortress

27 Light Bomber Squadron (at Nielson Field) The 52 A-24 Dauntless for this group were still en route to the Philippines with the Pensacola Convoy

5 Interceptor Command (Clagett; at Nielson Field)

24 Interceptor Group (at Clark Field)

3 Interceptor Squadron (at Iba)

18 P-40E Warhawk

17 Interceptor Squadron (at Nichols Field)

18 P-40E Warhawk

21 Interceptor Squadron (at Nichols Field)

18 P-40E Warhawk

20 Interceptor Squadron (at Clark Field)

19 P-40E Warhawk

34 Interceptor Squadron (at Del Carmen) The squadron was to be equipped with P-40s, but they arrived without coolant and were thus unserviceable.
          18 P-35

USAFFE in the full United States order of battle


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