U.S. Scouting Force

The Scouting Force, Pacific Fleet, consisted of the heavy cruisers, submarines, and patrol aircraft of the Pacific Fleet. It was dissolved 10 April 1942 in a major reorganization of the Pacific Fleet.

Administrative structure, 7 December 1941:

Scouting Force (Brown)
  Cruisers, Scouting Force (Newton)

  Cruiser Division 4 (Newton)

  CA Indianapolis (with TF3)

CA Salt Lake City (with TF8)

CA Chicago (with TF12)

CA Pensacola (with Pensacola Convoy)

Cruiser Division 5 (Spruance)

CA Northampton (with TF8)

CA Chester (with TF8)

CA Portland (with TF12)

CA Louisville (with Louisville Convoy)

Cruiser Division 6 (Fletcher)

CA New Orleans (at Pearl Harbor)

CA San Francisco (at Pearl Harbor)

CA Minneapolis (with TF1)

CA Astoria (with TF12)

Aircraft, Scouting Force (Bellinger)

Patrol Wing 1 (at Kaneohe)

12 PBY-5 Catalina

12 PBY-5 Catalina

VP-13 (at North Island) 31 PBY Catalina
3 BP2Y-1 Coronado
A training unit. The Catalinas assigned constituted the reserve pool for Scouting Force. The Coronados were early models undergoing operational testing.

12 PBY-5 Catalina

AV Wright (near French Frigate Shoals)

AV Avocet

AVD Hulbert

AVD Ballard (at Mare Island)

Patrol Wing 2 (Ford Island)

VP-21 (Midway)
Midway: 12 PBY-4 Catalina
Kaneohe: 1 PBY-4 Catalina

14 PBY-4 Catalina

Ford Island: 12 PBY-5 Catalina
Palmyra: 2 PBY-5 Catalina
Johnston: 2 PBY-5 Catalina

VP-24 (at Lahaina)
6 PBY-4 Catalina

AV Curtiss

AV Tangier

AV Swan

AVD Thornton

AVD McFarland (at Lahaina)

Patrol Wing 4 (at Sand Point, Washington)

12 PBY-5 Catalina

VP-42 (at Sitka)
Sitka: 10 PBY-5 Catalina98
Kodiak: 2 PBY-5 Catalina

VP-43 (at San Diego)
12 PBY-5 Catalina

VP-44 (at San Diego) 12 PBY-5A Catalina

VP-42 (at Sitka)

6 PBY Catalina

AVD Williamson (at Bremerton)

AVD Gillis (at Sitka)

Submarines, Scouting Force (Withers)

AV Seagull

Submarine Squadron 4

DD Litchfield (off Pearl Harbor)

AS Fulton (en route San Diego from Panama Canal)

ASR Widgeon

ASR Ortolan

Submarine Division 41 (at North Island)

  SS S-18

SS S-23

SS S-27 (at Mare Island)

SS S-28 (at Mare Island)

SS S-34

SS S-35

Submarine Division 42

SS Narwhal

SS Argonaut (off Midway)

SS Nautilus (at Mare Island)

SS Cachalot

SS Dolphin

SS Cuttlefish (at Mare Island)

Submarine Division 43 (north of Maui)

SS Plunger

SS Pollack

SS Pompano

Submarine Squadron 6

AS Pelias

Submarine Division 61

SS Tambor (southwest of Hawaiian Islands)

SS Tautog

SS Thresher (between Oahu and Molokai)

SS Triton (near Johnston Island)

SS Trout (off Wake)

SS Tuna (at Mare Island)

Submarine Division 62

SS Gar (en route San Diego from Panama Canal)

SS Grayling (en route San Diego from Panama Canal)      

SS Gudgeon (off Lahaina)

Task forces, 7 December 1941

Task Force 1 (Fletcher; south of Oahu)

CA Minneapolis

DMS Chandler

DMS Hovey

DMS Lamberton

DMS Boggs
Task Force 3 (Brown; off Johnston Island)

CA Indianapolis

DMS Hopkins

DMS Long

DMS Southard

DMS Dorsey

DMS Elliot

Task Force 12 (Newton; en route to Midway)

CV Lexington

  16 F2A Buffalo
32 SBD Dauntless
18 SB2U Vindicator
14 TBD Devastator      
The Vindicators (flown by Marines) were intended for the garrison of Midway

CA Chicago   

CA Portland

CA Astoria

DD Porter

DD Flusser

DD Drayton

DD Lamson

DD Mahan

Louisville Convoy (near Santa Cruz Islands)

CA Louisville

AP President Coolidge

AP Hugh L. Scott

Pensacola Convoy (near Phoenix Islands)

CA Pensacola Cargo:
52 A-24 dive bombers for 27 Light Bombardment Group.
18 P-40s for 24 Pursuit Group.
340 motor vehicles
147 Field Artillery Regiment with 48 75mm guns
9000 drums of aviation fuel
3.5 million rounds of small arms ammunition
600 tons of bombs
Ground echelon of 7 Bombardment Group

AV Niagara

AP Chaumont

AP Republic (20,110 tons)

AK Coast Farmer (3300 tons)

AP Willard A. Holbrook

AP Meigs (8200 tons, 21 knots)

AK Bloemfontein (10565 tons, 16 knots)

AK Admiral Halstead (5350 tons, 9.5 knots)      


Dorny (2007)

Morison (1948) (accessed 2002; now defunct)

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